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 Insane Mane said
The show in New Orleans was great, D12 by the entrance of the venue with a black van and sound system free styling with people just walking by, the average joe didn’t know them because purple pills hadn’t hit yet, they were doing promo for it, then inside the lobby C-murder and Magic were walking around dapping up fans and passing out TRU Bandanas and t-shirts, then get word that Nate Dogg is on the run for burning down his bi*ch house, warren g opens up and no Nate for regulate so we were a little bummed, plus no Westside connection on the bill so a little let down again, but after devin the dude, warren g, xzibit, Ice cube solo, Eminem with proof dissing icp with blowup dolls lol, then main event time, snoop and Dre, they eventually bring out cube, ren, Eminem, dpg, everyone joined them for the hits, then the hardest beat hits and c-murder and Magic come out for Down 4 My n*ggaz with Snoop, the. The lights go down and the next episode comes on and Nate Dogg shows up to close out the show with a “Hey-ay-aye-yay! Smoke Weed Everyday!” And the place erupted, good times!
sounds like that whole day was a movie whoa lol, pics/videos are the closest things we have to time machines for now at least