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 balla9969 said
Man foreal people not understanding this at all. People are all praising the mandate then watch other mandates are gonna come in and people will be pissed off. And I don't wanna hear people crying when its a mandate that dont fit their agenda.
What will happen is they will use the consequence of the mandate to push their agenda further. We're already sort of seeing it on the news.

They keep saying "The Hospitals are overwhelmed Oh my gosh!''

The hospitals aren't overwhelmed, or at least they don't have to be. The hospitals are understaffed, from resignations and its about to go nationwide.

So the news will continue saying this, as more state mandates hit, and then the new Biden Mandates. Then they will ask for more resources, and act like covid is even more out of control than 1.5 years ago...and the bullsh*t continues.

Its all so predictable at this point. It really doesn't even need to be like this.