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 judono? said
I dont agree or disagree if u only talking about this one particular song. If u are talking about marciano production in general, post some beats u produced that are riding
This is the only song ive heard by the dude.. if Marciano is the one who produced it then yes.. I'd never put out a beat where I choped the sample the left a half second of dead sound. I posted my beats. Are you ready to drop something to em? what does my production have to do with ehat I said about this song in the thread? I think you just thought you were slick saying "well come with a ridin beat" but didn't realise you were talking to a producer with over 2000 beats.. so I now ask you a random out of pocket question.. are you gonna rap to any beat you want and post it on here or did you just come here to ask off topic questions to pump your chest up?