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 RayDonovan said
You guessed it 40 brah.

Yea i used to get on my son heavy clowinin him crazy then i realized young cats just on something different. Is what it be.. long as these nigz dont start treading in to nas x territory I'll leave it be.

My neice and nephew live up there and i was just out in perrysburg at belamere.
Real n*gga sh*t. You just gotta respect and accept as long as it don’t cross those boundaries you set. But damn dog I feel you owe me cuz I been trynna book the belemere for the past 2 years and ever since COVID and all that free bread that bi*ch been booked out every damn day all the damn ot n*ggas been the ones this whole time lol

Please tell me you had the real experience n got the swimming pool suite. It’s 2 different ones but me and my girl had the 2 floor one years ago n I would NEVER advertise the belemere to anybody unless they can get that one. That sh*t is a whole vibe