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Nobody believes this sh*t. Who paying them 43m and for what. 69 has no real following. He ain’t sold no cds. He don’t sell out shows. He don’t even do shows or has never had a tour. Not even a us tour. He gets views on Instagram but that’s basically it. None of those views have actually tinted into anything else. No artist are asking for features. He’s not getting interviews. The only way he’s make even a percentage of 43 million is if he does one of these triller f*ghts with a boxer or a rapper he talk sh*t to.

So all in all these numbers is cap and wack is cap. He wouldn’t even be able to book a worldwide or European tour because he’s not actually popular on a superstar basis. He’s a manufactured artist and he blew it all with that snitching sh*t. Nobody checks for him or take him serious. If he would have rebranded after prison and been humble he possibly could have had a redemption tour.