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 Seymour Witty said
i feel like AZ is the one rapper you can't hit with the formulaic just because of how classic he sounds on sh*t
if you can hear formulaic, that means it's corny
AZ the farthest thing from that

y'all can't tell me sh*t about sosa tho, agree to disagree

found my niche my sh*t too
I was speaking of Formulaic in its definition:

constituting or containing a verbal formula or set form of words.
"a formulaic greeting"
produced in accordance with a slavishly followed rule or style; predictable.
"much romantic fiction is stylized, formulaic, and unrealistic"

Just saying that it sounds effortlessly predictable in regards to the monotony of of the feel of the album to me, not so much of the quality of bars...

thats why i said at the end of my post, even despite it all, he's always on-point lyrically and thats all i ask from a n*gga whose words i'm taking timeout my day to listen to.