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Sinamatik CFR  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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i wont call it silk scarf music... but beat-wise, too many songs sounds in the same lane, formulatic even once you place the random r&b hooks on there...

Its not bad, and like i said initially, its more of a continuation of Undeniable than the first Doe or Die... And i honestly enjoyed Undeniable so i can appreciate the album, but he let this linger on "detox" mode for too long.


should've kept the album in the lane of "Ritual" and "Found My Niche", went too too smooth with the soundscape...

Lyrically never lacking, but the production choice kinda threw things into monotony... I honestly would've chosen any of the random loose tracks he let out over the years vs the T-Pain joint existing on it.