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 Sinamatik CFR said
he wrote it, he k*lled it... he been waiting on East Coast beats since he was runnin with Dipset, the fans wouldn't let him be him and got him pigeonholed into the Carter/Mixtape versions of his prime...

Now he free from all that goofy label sh*t and drama, and is doing what he wanted to do for a long time... He got re-inspired by the lyricists outside of the mainstream, who moves the cultural needle regardless of sales.

n*ggas know AZ resume and despite the sales and notoriety by casuals, real n*ggas who follow the genre, as well as his peers from the top of the pyramid on down, know what it is.

Sosa’s flow and his hyper intelligence has always been effortless. I’m ignoring the comments in this thread about this being his final album. I can’t think about the Hip Hop landscape without him. Hopefully he finally gets the flowers he deserves with this album.

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