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 AnuthaOne said
so many talented cats were in and out of that click only one i stay in touch with is skinny pimp he my n*gga for real

project pat

lil gin
mc mack
scan man
gangsta blac
la chat
lil glock
last mr bigg
indo g
playa fly
droopy drew dog
lil e/mac e/raw dawg/eric gales
lil pat
mr del
frayser boy
lil wyte
grandaddy souf
lil lody
new genesis
billy wes
wow. you got to be form memphis or a big 36 fan to knkow all them. i think the reason they sign all those artist was. because dj paul admitted in the sway interviews that he hated writing songs. and it was achore to him. and he into beats and dj ing.

so i think the reason they got all those artist. so he did not have to rap and come up with songs. and use other rappers to get rich.

did boogie man ever release a song on hypotize minds. his album never came out.

i listen to chorme album straight from the pros and the album was garbage. but i still why dj apul and juicy j fell off. those beats were garbage. sound like a 45 minute beat. all there beats soudn the same and used the same instrumentals.

I use to love Lil E songs. that dude was so talented. was it true that Lil E was gangsta boo brother.

that dude really had to be on dope for real?

he rap about it and broke it down like them scienists and youtube experts.

those artist was so ahead of game.