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 AnuthaOne said
his verse on yall n*ggas aint no k*llas yall n*ggas some hoes from the king of the playaz ball by skinny pimp was insane
that and his verse on Grab The Gauge from Triple 6 Mafia underground vol 3 convinced me that he was believing the sh*t he was into
Go to sleep, close your eyes, "die!" my battle cry
Infamous is not too kind so therefore I won't let you slide during the bloody rite
Oh my, me sharpened up my knives
Chop you into bits, drop you into them pits
To be devoured by beast in the last of the mystic bi*ch
And you will feel pain that no one can imagine
Chained to be tamed by the flames of the dragon
I am Lord Infamous, death is my method
Thee evil seed, universally wretched
Those of mortal flesh have been possessed
With all my corpse with my name carved deep in the chest
Nevertheless eternally rest, bloody mess
The devil n*gga know it make you quiver
You failed to squeeze the trigger
I think you ain't no k*lla n*gga

Yea bruh Was spitting that sh*t with conviction too