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 classicrap1 said
to be fair. if both of us got signed to p.diddy or juicy j or cash money.

for a chance to have only one hit. and get our sh*t in major television stations,royalites checks.movies checks, and online streaming revnue,
basically getting 5,000 every 3 months in royalty checks.

and a shot a one million or 3 million dollars.

n*gga you and I would over look alot of sh*t.

and pretty sure if you got jae hooded. and cheated out of 3 million. and somebody clowns you on there songs,radio and viral.

you would be pissed and go off too.
Man I 100% get him being upset Iím just saying the gay sh*t if true he just overlooked it because sh*t was all good. Now that itís not all good itís a problem. If dude was gay he ainít care back then is all Iím saying!