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 ImAMonster said
Lol @ Y'all. Holy sh*t some of you are idiots. CDO above MMLP? Some of y'all are faking that "I'm from the hood sh*t" if you don't get what Em was saying in the MMLP. Y'all some suburban a*s mahfu*kas in here saying you're from the hood and the struggle. Thinking CDO > MMLP is idiocy.

LOL shut the fu*k up!

Jesus walks
through the wire
all falls down
never let me down
we don't care
family business
last call
slow jamz

on ONE CD smh.

like people from the hood can relate to MMLP over CD.
if you really think that you are satanic

''I'm sick of you little girl and boy groups all you do is annoy me so i've been sent here to destroy you''

Wow take infinite seats and hold this L till mmlp3 drops you fu*k boi