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 Mr Fujaveli said
Can't believe people take it so serious, no matter who wins any tournament people opinions not gonna change, and n*ggas talkin bout making different accounts to vote:jaywtf:

a lot of people voting for the name "Illmatic" instead of what's on the cd....and I ain't talkin bout this round, I don't think MATW should be here....but Illmatic shouldn't of beat The Infamous....people tend to chose what they feel they should the hell this album that didn't age all that well with only 9 songs on it is the greatest rap album of all time?? It's Nas' 3rd best album, still a great album but overrated
Funny you say that cause I've always thought "Infamous" was overrated ...Plenty of albums around that time i preferred over that album imo Prodigy skill level get's overrated. Mobb Deep had the sick beats and a grimey style but Prodigy was never as good as the elite like Nas, Big, or some members of Wu Tang...and Illmatic aged fine.