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The Def squad - Mobb Deep beef goes like this:
-Prodigy makes that interlude on the Imfamous album talking about "rappers bragging about how much weed you smoke and using outer space words that don't make sense"
-Redman and Keith Murray (Who rolled with a crew called LOD - legion of doom) Take it personal and run into mobb deep at a club, in NY, not sure which one.
-Keith and prodigy exchange blows, he talks about it on "In the long run"

Swollen bullet wounds, head a*s n*ggas

Whoís the one to be made into example
n*gga you pop sh*t wit the wrong guys this time
What! (gunshots)
My mobbíll get on top ya, topple ya
Like a fall guy you fell down clown
Heard some four pound sound my í86 style now (gunshot)
Ten years later still hold a firm ground
n*gga p thugly
Enter the ring wit something for anyone who wanna play gun
What up g?
Iíll clap you stop in your tracks, how about that?
Now analyze these cats wit live n*gga rap
You seen strapped, came outside all hype wit gats
Got juiced up, now bishop think he thuggin it black pimp
Letís rap a taste
You get your little head pinched off
Brooklyn touched you, then left you for queens to finish off
fu*kin bi*ch, keith murray and his whole clique
Yea, you snuffed me in front of the cops, that bullsh*t
Told you come around the corner, no police and no witnesses
Little to your knowledge
You almost got shot but thatís aiight though
Iím a catch ya a*s again
You fu*kin immigrant, I'll get ya a*s k*lled for two cent
My mobb runnin sh*t you fu*kin carlton ave coward
The forecast call for gray skies and gun showers

My n*gga Money No runs with the mobb and was there the night it happened, he's also in the backround of the song bragging about knocking one of those LOD n*ggas out