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 MochaWhitey said
lol hell yeah I'm lovin this sh*t..I keep checkin back every few hours for more sh*t.big props..I'm curious though as to what really happened to Houston's eye. if he didn't try to k*ll himself then what really went down??
somebody that claimed they was houston's cousin told me this

said it had something to do with extortion,this is the only person i heard this from tho so i cant back it 100%

what i do kno is that why would you try to k*ll yourself.....& in the end only your eye ended up gettin fu*ked up, ever hear of that in ANY suicide case?

its like on malcom x, how is malcom's daddy gonna commit suicide by bashing the back of his head with a hammer & lying down on the tracks?

think about it

damn, i gotta give myself props on this, i just went thru it & this is a gr8 read,props to all that contribute

can this be sticked or put in the classics? im sure its more than deserving, 75% of my posts have been confirmed/testified