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Can't believe they're tryna entice people to buy this worthless crypto to buy original tracks. sh*ts a joke. What guarantee is there even to get these unreleased music and if they really wanted to do that, why not just create a private buying group instead of a worthless crypto where people can lose their money. sh*ts disgusting.

Total Supply

The total supply is fixed at 19,711,996,000,000. Manual burns will be periodically applied to match charity donations to ensure a steady market price and supply

Maximum Transaction

The maximum amount of $TUPAC anyone can transact at one time is 100,000,000,000. This is to help prevent whales from pump and dumping and manipulating the coin value, ensuring a fair community for holders

20 trillion coin supply and the maximim is 100 billion or about $500 used to be the site with a sh*t load of unreleased 2pac in the mid 2000s now its very desperate for clout smh