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My supplier has 1:1 and almost put that other fake yeezy dude on suicide watch. It took him 6 hours to find one flaw or mistake in the shoe. n*ggas exposed him for having his info fu*ked up and calling a retail shoe fake. He had the soles on the red AJ11's being clear and the fakes being blue. When in fact the reps had the blues. He went on a rant and had a melt down. Most of the "fakes" had better build quality, less glue, and better leather than the retails. He was also hyping up a n*gga selling fake yeezys and saying his sh*t was real when in fact they were reps. They were both in on it. Fact of the matter is......vultures alway try and inflitrate the culture and take advantage of people and act like they're doing a service. Side note. If you want some 1:1 retail perfect shoes w/ bar code scans and all PM a real one

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