Thread: Video in this thread 10 Best Summer 2019 Colognes
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 rizzo1914 said
I've dropped $700 on a fragrance before (Xerjoff Richwood) and recently i've been averaging the $200-$300 mark with Xerjoff's now if n*ggas wanna be up on game here is what I recommend for spring and summer:

High end:
Xerjoff Nio
Xerjoff Kobe
Xerjoff Uden (<--their best seller world wide)

Amouage reflection Man

Creed Virgin Island water
Creed Original Vetiver

Byredo Pulp
Byredo Bal D'Alfrique

Bond 9 Bleeker St
Bond 9 Andy Worhol

Low end for you broke n*ggas (lol jk)
Viktor and Rolf spicebomb
Ajmal Aurum
Versace Blue jeans
Rasasi Hawas
Ferrari Bright Neroli

I usually don't put people on, but we bros in BX (except the racists fu*k yall) yall hoe n*ggas welcome be sure to prop beeches!
That some real baller sh*t after looking them up lol

Iíve never been a cologne guy. I never thought it was that important but I might have to mess with some of these and surprise my lady.

What do you recommend for summer and winter. Iím in l.a. so we hardly get cold weather. But from reading this thread, it sounds like the climate matters on what you wear