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 Tweezy12 said
See you are slow
We didn't boycott Hilary....white leftist men boycott Hilary
U must be used to talking to n*ggas who don't know any better and who won't check u on ur false claims....

A record 137.5 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election
The black voter turnout rate declined for the first time in 20 years in a presidential election, falling to 59.6% in 2016 after reaching a record-high 66.6% in 2012. The 7-percentage-point decline from the previous presidential election is the largest on record for blacks.
A number of long-standing trends in presidential elections either reversed or stalled in 2016, as black voter turnout decreased, white turnout increased and the nonwhite share of the U.S. electorate remained flat since the 2012 election.
What u got to say now n*gga? Still gonna double down on bullsh*t? Ignore (probably)? Admit that u were capping and kicking a narrative that u actually have no knowledge on (probably not)?