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 Urboyl3 said
I know I will get allot of slaps etc, but low key I think The Alchemist is the best "beat maker" of all time in hip hop. Again just my opinion.
It's funny that you say this. I was listening to some of his stuff the other day and thinking about how he is just that. No hate, I love almost everything he puts out. He mostly just creates super dope beats. He's not like a Kanye, or DJ Kwik, or Pharrell. He rarely makes songs or bring other aspects that are generally used to produce rap songs into what he creates. No bridges, melodies, hooks, choruses, etc. It's really amazing what he does without using typical song structures. I think that Good Book vol1&2 project put him into another stratosphere for me though. He can do amazing things with almost any sample.
My favorite from Al and P:

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