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 myPOWER said
Itís not a toothless slogan. The point is you have to prove someone is guilty. Someone doesnít have to prove they are innocent, they just have to prove they are not guilty.

Big difference.

No one is saying it is perfect, but it really does come down to your lawyers.

Hence why successful rappers donít spend as much time in jail as someone of their same skin color would for the same crime.
It's toothless because way too many times people HAVE TO PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE. I don't know how many cases I've heard where the witnesses can't recall specific facts, but say the defendant did it. sh*t Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. The victim said, "that's not who shot me". Still got found guilty. Let's take it a step further. Innocent until proven guilty doesn't start in the courts. It starts at the investigation. You have corrupt officers like Jon Burge who torture victims to get BS confessions. Your view point of the current state and history of this country for POCs is based on naivety. We've always had to prove we were innocent from start to finish.