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 SPdaGOAT said
So because I appreciate my PS5 more than you do, I ride their nuts hard

Here's some more trailers

For the last time, stop equating people praising these consoles with them trying to perpetuate a console war that exists largely in your heads
You can appreciate what you want but stop playing one side like the other major console isn't sh*tting on Sony in EVERYTHING except exclusives. Having EA Access the last 4 years + Gamepass + xCloud is a much better value than waiting around for exclusives that may be hit or miss and having PS Now (which is all I've used on my PS5 besides that battle car game and Astro because nothing else is out that's good)

The fact that I can play anything on Gamepass/EA on a damn web browser tab (no Xbox needed) or iPhone/Android app is enough alone to quit hyping Sony like that. My wife can be on the bedroom TV, the kids can have the kitchen TV, living room TV, their rooms TVs, their Xbox, my Xbox etc tied up and all I gotta do is hop on a laptop if I want to play. Sony's exclusives are their only advantage and not like they are putting many out back to back (and please don't tell me about what's supposed to come out over the next two years). Horizon was my favorite game last gen but I still know the truth.

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