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 Bilal said
As y'all know I been in between Christianity and iskam for the last year last night I made it official and I received the shahada in Arabic last night with the help of a Muslim brother I connected with from London/reddit. He called me up and had me repeat after him. For those unaware the shahada is (there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah) This brother Ahmed knows Napoleon from the outlaws and said he wants to set up a call with us. I told him it's not necessary but he insisted so I guess that'll happen when it's time.

Ordered the Quran the other day waiting for it to arrive. Now I'm not saying I'm on the straight and narrow now but I'll get there. Crazy I never felt so much love from Christians in my 33 years but this Muslim brother from London took hours out of his day to school me and helped me convert. Then sent me hours of material to watch to learn more as well. Never laid eyes on him in my life and nothing but love and openess from him. He's connected to mosques in L.A. and ct as is brother Napoleon peace be upon him.

My mom's is a christian pastor so idk if I'm gonna tell her lol. I already don't celebrate Christmas and those other holidays so it won't be anything out of the ordinary. The feeling of love from all these n*ggas is really mind blowing. a*salamualaikum to you all.


MashaALLAH welcome to the Deen brother. I guarantee you this is the best decision you made in your life.

Some advice for you: Actually follow the Deen and practice it. And stay away from Nation of Islam.

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