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Important thing about ketosis/ fasting etc is the transitions especially in your situation where repairing the gut is 1 priority. So before going there you should be cutting out bad carbs and transitioning to a low carb otherwise you'll end up detoxing too fast. Sounds like you are already on your way. Likewise you would have to transition back into eating normal its the dramatic changes that fu*k us up as we get older.

That said you shouldn't take antibiotics or antacids on a empty stomach so fasting has to wait. Anything fermented is your friend right now. Also broths and fibers i would imagine. I definately need more fermented foods right now I'm relying on kefir. More than anything if your on antibiotics with a gut problem prebiotics and fermented foods should be your #1 priority.
Culturelle and yogurts have been my friend the last 2 weeks. Today was my last day on them.

Thank goodness.