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 BlackGod said
Coming from a big Outkast fan, you're actually right.

People hype up 3k because they feel like they're supposed to and it's just expected of them at this point. If they want their Hypebeast stripes they HAVE to put 3k in the top 5, same way the backpacker/lyricalmiraclespiritual do with Lupe. Same way every old heads top 5 is Jay, Nas, Biggie, Pac, and some alternate fifth man.

I been listening to Outkast since way back, and 3k does his thing, but I always felt Big Boi was criminally underrated, and have no idea why all these young kids hype up 3k so much.

I feel like people put him so high up because he was on his weirdo kanye sh*t back then and not his rapping ability