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AK is getting out of control

He thinks he is as savage as the ones he speaks upon daily
 Uncle Joey said
His day coming
 LiquidIV said
I don't think there is an adult in this world that would duck an AK fade. I would fu*k around and put $$$$ on Soulja on an AK bout.
 Skilllz said
Ak really disrespecting Freddie

That boy really reckless wit the mouth
 Mystic97 said
Gibbs passing on an opportunity to beat up AK and grab on his tiddies?
 soso24 said
These n*ggas really can't squabble.

After 45 secs these n*ggas got nothin left in the tank from the Weed, Drank, & Pills.
 ddash said
AK asked Freddie and Meek both to box multiple times.This is known and was several threads on it
People call this man a nerd and perpetuate false narratives at his expense.

Yall cant give it up?? He calling these f*g**t a*s n*ggas out, I remember when he leaked that man number instead of handling his fade.

Man this a fake a*s rapper n*gga, Ak Realler Than These n*ggas, Proven Fact!