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Few years ago I was pulled over 3 fu*kin times in less than 20 minutes in Arkansas. My license plate was registered but I didnt have the tags yet. One of the officers took an I.D. of mine from another state and said I couldn't have it anymore because I renewed my drivers license in a different state. sh*t made no sense, but I just wanted to get the hell on my way, so I said all right, whatever.

5 minutes later another cop stops me for my tags, then I tell him that I was just stopped for the same thing 5 minutes ago, and I was on my way only to be pulled over a fu*kin 3rd time for the same sh*t...

And the cherry on top was before all that when I first crossed the border into Arkansas. A highway patrol pulled me over and said my plates came back from a completely different vehicle and then claimed somebody was using my name in Indiana. All that was complete bullsh*t. He just seen the out of state license plates and needed an excuse to see if I was doing dirt. sh*t was pathetic....

I've been to 42 states, and Arkansas has the worst cops I've ever experienced throughout America...So after seeing that video, it's not surprising seeing another Arkansas cop doing unnecessary sh*t.