Thread: Images in this thread Rapper Ca$h Out Gets Caught Up Sex trafficking?
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 Stupid Fresh said
The charges for pimping will railroad you
People shouldn’t pimp it’s a setup
Even if you have a willing girl it gets spun on you
she said she did it because she thought things couldn’t get worse?
Sad story but I seen too many willing girls flip on a pimp and get him caught up in kidnapping/attempted this and that 10-15
When I was younger I ran with a pimp squad. It was wide open from 1998 all the way up until maybe 2015.

Then things changed.

One was social media catching on.

bi*ches didn't need a pimp when the fattest of the fat hoe could make a post on FB saying that they were hungry and 400 n*ggas would come running with the simp sh*t. That k*lled the game.

The feds k*lled it even further when they figured out that if you put a label on pimping that scared the masses (s*x trafficking) then you can k*ll the "illegal" pimp game easily.

One of my pimp homies just could not let the game go...and I told him the sh*t is changing...he refused to listen...he is now doing 75 years in the feds for pimping bi*ches that agreed willingly to get down. Guess what the charge was???? s*x TRAFFICKING. Like his a*s was stuffing bi*ches in cargo containers and sending them to China...smh

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