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 suavehooper said
It's crazy bro, the amount of value people put on same damn shoes, willing to k*ll or try to k*ll over it

@ aren't you from Atlanta GA?
Nah nihha its more factors to it. People are tired being oppressed. They family member locked down like Kodak Black getting drugged and beaten. They have all injustices to deal with. They walking around angry. They got sh*t live for. It is like scene of Bishop in Juice. I aint sh*t. When I decide you aint sh*t and your jordans or materialistic sh*t aint sh*t. Then I take your life over nothing.

If it's “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King. It's just this its touchin on you cute pretty boys and nihhaz who try be cute. You all want rights and sh*t to walk around looking cute wit nice outfits on. But when something happen to your brother or sister you turn the other. So people give sh*t about you all struggles. I don't give fu*k if you all privilege people die over your materialistic sh*t. I dont care if you all die over a chicken sandwitch fu*k you all. You never around when drama pop off with the system.

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