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Lupe Hunter 
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 Adwerdz said
Facts, n*ggas seen it a mile away

The CEO of your label is an Informant, Jay the snake already warned you streets were done
This isnít the street anymore, n*ggas are with CEOs of billionaire dollar companies, Hov is a 50 year old billionaire and n*ggas talking about street sh*t. Hov is trying to reach a place few musicians get to reach, he probably doesnít even hang with her she just does business and heís rewarding her for hard work. Hov doesnít look at your past unless it affects the company, whatever happen in the past happened in the past

Choke No joke still looking for that check Dame owes him from years ago. Choke No Joke, Karceno, and dame need to have a podcast just hating Jay-Z.