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 Badnewz100 said
Not to sh*t on the new generation but I think the older generations went way hard on being innovative hustlers. From Black clothing lines, CEOs, movies, even endorsing vitamin water/liquor artists were trying to push the needle further till the point nothing is new anymore.

Aside from that the hood movie genre went to sh*t after Pac, early west coast era went away and those had great OG actors in it. The last good one that came out with rappers imo was Paid in Full. Rappers completely took over and gave us State Property 2 that sh*t was way horrible
Facts lol.. I feel like Nore saved state prop 2.. I fu*k with Bruh lol. Definitely wasn't better than part one tho. Dat sh*t classic

And hell yea paid in full prolly was the last real deal hood flick that was up to par

Damn I think I'm gettin paper soldiers mixed up lol... fu*k it

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