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 projectd06 said
Ohhhhh so you have the 1 true religion out of 1000s and 70% of the population, good or not, is going to hell because they didnt accept christ, but a sh*tty Christian is going to heaven? fu*k OUTTA HERE.

Yea this is usually where the bible thumper gives up,because it doesnt make sense to you either.
Define good? Mans idea of “good” is not Gods idea of good. There are millions of people in prison right now who think they are “good”. It’s many people who aren’t in prison who claim to be “good”. Gods moral compass is not the same as Mans. When will you guys start to understand this?

Also not all who claim to be Christians will go to heaven. The Bible says that!!! It’s abundantly clear you have not studied and read the scriptures because your arguments are novice at best.