Thread: Video in this thread I Met LIL Momma Inna Deli.....
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ultra trash.... NY n*ggas tried to steal the vibe from the south... tried to swagger jack drill music... now they d*ck riding UK/gime sh*t..... all while at the same time the real prime era NY sh*t is starting to resurface

A$AP Mobb one of the few artist up north that creating they own lane/wave, if we taking the golden era sounding n*ggas out the equation..... pathetic when ya'll got the top lyricist (if I got to list the n*ggas, u not paying attention) right under your nose but this the sh*t ya'll chose to elevate..... pity

matter fact, shout out to @ ...... fu*k ya'll bi*ch a*s n*ggas supporting the bullsh*t trendy waves.... that's not whats poppin

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