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 stogz said
Jay was NOT creative.

Jay got the co-sign from Big on the first album. Then got on Puff's album and on Big's album. It's Bad Boy who gave him the co-sign for the industry to recognize him.

Bad Boy did half of Jay's second album... can't remember if it was 7 of 15 tracks, or 8 of the tracks. Jay wore the shiny suit and had his first commercial success with his second album.

Pretty much EVERY feature Big did or Bad Boy did... Jay went and soon got those same artist to do music with. JAy gave up rapping fast due to Nas' success. Then when Big did that track with Bone Thugs, all-of-a-sudden Jay started doing that sh*t again. It was just odd how quickly Jay was doing tracks with Lil' Kim and Too Short, R.Kelly, etc. IT's not like eastcoast guys were rushing to do these kinds of features before Big. Kanye said it "I did a song with coldplay, then jay did a song with coldplay". That's what Jay does.

Then the already mentioned... how often he spit Big's lyrics. Then that "Black Album" idea, that was Big's idea. Big had Kim, Jay tried to recruit Foxy. the Firm, for the Fam... all trying to cash in on Big's idea "The Commission". Brooklyn Mint? Jay was Big's child. Jay has a lot of fathers actually... seeing as how his name isn't even his own. JAy isn't Mike Jordan, he's kobe bryant.
If you listen to ready to die and listen to reasonable doubt and think Jay bit biggie, you're not even worth discussing hip hop with honestly. It's 2 totally different perspectives. If you wanna call Jay a wave rider, cool. But he's set plenty trends as well.