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 EZ Green said
How sway?
He ran with Big's style up to a point he bit every three rhymes off Big's whole discography. Start off with real n*ggas do real things which was in unreleased track @ the time off of in my lifetime vol. 1 then he started taking rhymes from kane, big L, Cam'ron (check out SDE) and many others just to mask the biting he did using Big rhymes from vol 2 to Magna Carter and didn't even say one word to Ms. Wallace calling it a homage but didn't drop a check her way nor check on her well being. Sometimes you have to say fu*k rap and put it to the side if that's your friend tho. Jay been a insecure fraud, he's just been surrounding himself with powerful people over the years being smart about it and using his "inner circle" i.e Bleek, Tah Tah, etc. as if they his day ones as a front. No honor amongst thieves

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