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NWR's Too Old To Die Young... idk man..


I fu*k with Refn, I love Drive, Valhalla Rising and really liked The Neon Demon but this sh*t here is just.... bruh this sh*t is boring af. I'm gonna watch episode 3 but man, that second episode was such a mind numbing slog to nowhere. Felt like this n*gga NWR had TOO MUCH creative freedom. He doesn't even attempt to reign it in here.

like look at this scene. it is so fu*king sterile... probably for artistic/narrative effect but it just doesnt land when the whole show is just as, if not even more fu*kig sterile and lifeless. I think Refn has a necro fetish because this is like a necro's wet dream.

The first episode started off alright but this show has such a palpable air of inorganicness that you kinda have to take breaks in between an episode. I didnt even mention each episode is like 1 and a half hours long.

I really thought to check it out because it was co-written by a comic book author and I was interested to see how his comic background would influence the show. It was as I thought, really. Short, to the point dialogue and up-close camera angles while still having that super brooding tone that comics have. But it hasn't worked out to make an enjoyable product. At least so far.

Also, Miles Teller is SEVERLY miscast in his role. He just doesn't convince me. And he's quiet when he doesn't need to be like he's autistic or something. It worked with Mads Mikkelsen and Gosling, but not here. He just looks punchable. Not stoic.

I needed to rant since I'm permanently banned on Reddit where I go to talk about movies. I might check out Yellowstone next. I heard its written by the same dude who wrote Hell or High Water, Sicario and Wind River and that n*gga, as far as I'm concerned, doesn't really miss.

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