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 Bklynzfinest said
U ruining ur own thread with the fu*kery OP...came to see/drop bars 'to make BX great again' only to see n*ggas bagging on baggio like every other BX day...
You right, I just had to shut that little n*gga down but we back rolling again like a second milly pill

Slm shady, raping the first lady in a black Mercedes,
I got more personalities than the kids of Carol and Mike Brady.
M80s, put them to the stomach of pregnant ladies
Pull the trigger, cause I like the sound of dead babies
They say life's a bi*ch so I fu*ked it in the a*s, brought some weed from Snoop and rolled it up with nerve gas.
Am I out of my mind, pick a place and we can f*ght, I cut my d*ck off in 12 pieces with a knife.