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 qutaboi225 said
According to his co-conspirator Lev Parnas not only did he withhold funds, they lied about it which also falls under obstruction. Never mind they ignored subpoenas. If you dont think ANY of that is illegal, try ignoring the next subpoena you get and see how it turns out for you
 AllWins said
What crimes are they impeaching him for?

Bringing up Lev Parnas isnt even necessary when the current US Government Accountability Office already released a report classifying Trumps actions as a crime.

Thats a government entity that independently oversees each branch of government

Its no longer about "what crime" at this point, thats an old talking point.

Its now on the American people to decide if everyone should follow the law, or if theyre going to let people be above it.

Heres the official U.S.G.A.O report.

If he broke the law really isn't up for debate anymore. Its been deemed.criminal.

IMO the dems should pass another article of impeachment built off this report alone. Trumps own government has deemed him a criminal.