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 LBoogie2122 said
this is hip hop history 101 kid! :D :D :applause: :applause:

cam's hood, anybody that hits the big time & can still chill in the hood has gotta stand for something, just like the wu,if you lived or chilled near the bottom of victory blvd youd see these n*ggas everyday & it wasent no big thing

staten island is small & everybody knows everybody thru 6 degrees,sh*t, i went to high school with eamon for 2 years,if anybody know him here ask about Lawrence,he'll kno the kid & have stories

my sis went to curtis with the whole wu,said reakwon liked her but the n*gga's gorrilla style ugg :sick: :sick:

LMAOO, i seen methodman in the mall once in 05 and some dudes that my sister knows from stapleton aproached dude tellin him to run his sidekick, and he bought the dude one, can you say viggiiinnaaa?