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Rapper Pastor Troy disses new york on his song "Its on down here"

"fu*k all yall upnorth motherfu*kers, all of you. You down here in our mothafu*kin state with that dumbsh*t. fu*k Wu-Tang fu*k Puffy fu*k the LOX whoever in the hell. fu*k Em All" - Pastor Troy

heres the first verse:
It was this n*gga with this black Cutlass
Named Chris
He had shot at Cott but he missed
First Error
Now he riding in terror
Over shoulder ever looking
I told him when he came he should
Have stayed in Brooklyn
Reason Being
They knew that he was kin to Pat Reed
Pat had lied they believe
So they looking for them keys
Now can you see where bragging get ya?
Them n*ggas ain't shooting for fun
They trying to hit ya and
And dead for real
Now I'm riding with Phil
Too drunk to be behind the wheel
But packing my steel
Just in case they need the thrill
Went up to the hill
It's FreakNik every weekend
The sirs in the car,
We need some fu*king hoes to get in
And that's when
Ooh wee
The mutherfu*king sounds was enough to k*ll me
All I see is n*ggas running, jumping off in the Chevy's
Put my finger on my trigger so my n*gga I'm ready
Is that Teddy?
Slouched over in that Nova my n*gga
Indeed, yes it was
Guess what, that's Chris cuz
Yall know what
Man this sh*t just ain't gone disappear
So you better get ya sh*t
Cuz it's on down here!

I think he had a right to be mad, boy came down from brooklyn to his spot and shot at one of his n*ggas. When they already was plottin on k*llin his cousin for talkin sh*t.