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 LBoogie2122 said
add Bow Wow to the list of robbery victims. remember that mickey mouse chain that jermaine dupri gave him? SNATCH!! haha!

anybody saw his new album cover :thumbsdow :thumbsdow :thumbsdow

/yoda/gangster,he is not/yoda/

Ice Cube as well. He got beat for one of those "W" chains supposedly by someone from the Soul a*sassins camp when him and B-Real were beefin.

Have you ever heard Eminem claim that he pulled a gun out on ICP?

Well he pulled a gun out on their road manager, trying to prove something I guess, well the sh*t was unloaded, and supposedly he was nervous and his hands were shaking so hard he dropped it.

the only reason purple haze was pushed back so long is because frekey zekey was in jail and couldnt do the skits

heres some bay gossip

e-40 and mac dre were beefin over a girl..its rumored that the two bay legends funk came when a dude from mac dres neighborhood the country club crest, took 40's girl and 40 beat the dude down fro disrespecting his brother. thats why to this day hillside and crest side dont get along...they each made several diss songs before squashing the beef--the hoods havent.

the luniz aint hard but east oakland respects that they went major and still rep the town so they got thier back

as stated earlier posts the game isnt welcomed in the bay--bay artists--but his 15 year old fans would show up

master p was ran out the bay because he didnt help none of the people that introduced him to the game. or had his back.

c-bo is in jail for shootin his baby momma--true fact

luniz and too short beef is because too short wouldnt let them be part of the dangerous crew

suge knight paid that cat $5000 dollars to a*sault dr dre at the vibe awards specifically during his lifetime acheivement award segment