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 aznduffman said
fact: the first DJ is Kool Herc, a Jamaican and the first rapper is Coke Le Rock, he was white.
... it's like this........


Coke La Rock is NOT white. Click the link below....

Scroll down to the second picture, and Coke La Rock is 2nd after D-Nice... standing next to Kool Herc (the guy with the hat on)


The style of "rapping/M.Cing" Coke La Rock used, came from Jamaican Toasting: :D

"Originally called emceeing, rapping draws roots from toasting. In the United States, Coke La Rock is credited with boasting crowds; he worked with Kool Herc. "La Rock didn’t rap as we’d recognize it now but was more in the style of the Jamaican sound system toasters or black radio announcers hyping a record. Still, several of his pet party motivating slogans ("Ya rock and ya don’t stop!" "Rock on my mellow!" "To the beat y’all!") would become rap staples. Some old schoolers a*sert that La Rock was the first hip hop rapper."


It is advisable to research things if you are ever in doubt of what you heard/saw/read/thought....

Just for those who are a bit


-Grandmaster Flash is a 'Bajan. (re: he was born in Barbados)

-Also in Jamaica, the D.J is what we (Hip Hopers) would consider the M.C... So Coke was in fact, a D.J...