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Bravehearts beat the sh*t outta some rappers for talkin bad bout ill will

this includes lake

P got some of his boys to take his chain cuz he had mad insurance on it the first time

every other time it was on him

tru life stuck up infamous mobb when they was in the studio not mobb

havoc can walk around qb without protection off the strength of his dead bro k*lla black

Nas dropped out of school because he was in love with a ho that was addicted to coke

Mega prolly can walk around rikers and no one will try him even if he had 50k in his hand because he is rikers champ when he did his bid

Mc hammer blew like 10k lookin for someone in some helicopters cuz they k*lled his fam

Dmx was introduced to crack by his uncle pinky when he was 15

Eric B and Rakim have so many connections to major drug dealers check the back of paid in full you will see the original 50 cent