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 DavidTheMan said
I'm an idiot and a troll, because I called out the logical absurdity in what you were arguing? lol.

real estate won't destroy the us economy and chinese purchase of real estate, just like japanese heavy real estate purchasing in the 80s will not hurt the US nor is it bad for the US.

China money laundering is taking money from the Chinese government illegally, and legally adding value to the US. That actually works in the US's favor. On top of that, the money that china would have to spend to effect the common us home buyer would be so much that it would be a boon to US home sellers, that it would offset any ills you are claiming would occur.

Again stop with the ignorant fear mongering.
Bad for Americans and destroying the us economy is two different things that nobody is arguing . So Chinese money laundering and buying homes all over America to hide their money and pricing out hard working Americans is good for America because they keep up with taxes lmaoo. Take your foreign propaganda to 4chan idiot.