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 BlackGod said
You are correct about the holders of the debt, and it's embarrasing that people still don't understand this (due to misinformation), but you're completely wrong about China buying American property, and foreign investments into property in general.

Money is put towards luxury high rises instead of affordable housing because it's more profitable to build, and nobody even lives in these buildings because they're bought by foreign investors for with money that a great deal of time is illicit.

It directly destroys supply and massively (artificially) inflates the price of the product that does exist. The only people that want it are the people in power who are already part of the money machine because it raises property values that they then profit from. No reasonable person thinks foreign investors should be able to buy property that will remain vacant while we have a homelessness problem and a housing crisis just so the rich can get richer instead of creating incentives to actually house workers and families.
correct, it only hurts us american people/consumers. the government LOVES them taking their capital away from china and elsewhere and storing it in america to consolidate more capital in it's own borders to be taxed and make revenue off of.