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Constructive Critique on new Joe Budden Pod right here

Unbiased critique. I been watching since mal and rory first joined like what 5 years ago? Long time.

The problem right now is either ice or ish, not sure of dudes name—- but if im giving up the honest and constructive feedback that will help improve the show—- he needs to be talking like 50% less. Joe Budden should be driving the show. He is the star, he is the reason while everybody is up there. The audience is there to get Joe’s quirky takes and personality. The other fellas are the supporting cast, and that is a good role to play. I see why Joe be getting discouraged/ frustrated. And low key, Joe is actually tight at setting up the alley oop for the squad. The improvement that can be made is ish / ice need to fall back a little bit, and soak up Joe’s convo/ listen, let Joe get into his points and perspective a little bit more, and kinda finish some of his train of thought. Listen , marinate on the words a little bit more, and speak about 50% less, which will open up Joe a little bit more. The past 3 shows, it’s been like ish or ice, the main talkingist one, is jumping in way too early, and getting more mic time and driving opions more than the shows star, which is Joe. I get why Joe be getting flustered sometimes, and he has been cool about not being an a**hole, because yall are the homies. Parks always plays his role perfect. Mal used to be pretty perfect in his role, amd actually, when Joe , Rory, and Mal was in light hearted mode and positive vibing— at their best, the chemistry was perfect.

The new team is showing up, and everybody is seeming pretty cool and doing a pretty clean job. But if the new squad wants to really do a clean a*s job,
Let Joe run the offense and set everybody up to shine.

Savaughn on that first version of the show back without Mal and Rory was the best fill in. By the way. He is a good fit, he is cool on camera, and the dialog was solid.

I think there is room for everybody involved currently, plus rory and mal to be participating on the JBP podcast.

If somebody on here affiliated, DM me if you’d like.

Respect to everybody trying to do dope sh*t