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 True School 2 said
1. Right this same channel here uploaded an interview with Bink! and he played the original ĎDevil in a New Dressí beat for Kanye, it was fu*king bananas!! It was a lot more chopped up and hard hitting. The next time I go on the video the audio was stripped (copyright bullsh*t, most probably Kanyeís team not wanting the original beat out there like that) and now the video is no longer there. I beat myself up to this day for not downloading that video from youtube. Well hey at least I got to hear what so many people would have love to have heard!

The same channel still had this interview up with Bink! which if youíve got the time I would deffo recommend watching:

2. Has anyone got this track: 50 Cent - murder by Numbers Produced by !llmind

And no iím not talking about the mixtape he did Iím on about this specific track, it disappeared from youtube a few years back. Then only the insturmental was on then it completely ghost from the net. Such a shame because that song was crazy!

3. A Detox leak/snippet of Dr. Dre spitting over Ď50 for Presidentí beat produced by Jake One. This pretty much got taken down as soon as it was uploaded but it was fire. If anyones got this it would be appreciated!

The beat Dr. Dre was rapping on in the Detox leak/snippet:

4. 50 Centís - Sunday Morning. I canít find this track anywhere! If anyone can hook me up or whatever again it would be most appreciated. This track got a lot of good reception but vanished for a few years now, probably because of sample clearances etc

This is the only time I hear the beat is when the producer Detroit Red is showing the making of Sunday Morning:

If it helps I also got a very large archive full of tracks that arnít about anymore and a lot of footage of producers in the studio making/playing beats (some of which arn't around anymore) beats from Hi-Tek, Mr. Porter, Nottz, Dr. Dre, 9th Wonder, Focus..., Battlecat etc

Help a brother out!
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I got that Sunday Morning. PM me your email and Iíll send it over.

Also, I have the snippet reel which leaked with Dre rapping over 50 For President. I donít think the full track ever leaked.