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I'll have to check my archives, but there's was a group of Jewish cat that use to feed off of the fear and pain of children waaay back in the day. The villagers would find baby bodies riddle with puncture wounds and their blood drained from their lifeless bodies. These people were exiled everywhere they settled.

This same Jewish bloodline exist today... Oh, and their practice is alive and well.

Some cases more severe than others.

But I find it a mighty big coincidence that, even till this day, most people see the Jewsish as if they are some type of ill omen.

Could the Nazi's have been on to something from the very beginning being placed in the dark today?

Maybe, maybe not.

I do find their religious blood ceremonies to be quite the cousin of the acts committed long ago. It's just under the guise of a religious practice. Easiest way to make something that is mad sinister seem innocent.

No offense to my OG Jews out there.