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Peace and blessings bro. Good luck on your journey. Islam really opened my eyes to what’s going on in the world.

Yeah, Islam is younger than Christianity, which is younger than Ma’at, which didn’t come first either.

At their core, all religions and spiritualities can be good for bringing people from darkness to the light. However, the human element always ruins things. I may be wrong, but I see it as that’s why different messengers have come at different times. One system works, those in power use it for the wrong reason, and then another thought process comes to change the minds and hearts of the common men/women.

The same way that Christianity was used for power, Ma’at was as well. You will never hear, “woke,” brothers speak on how the ancient Egyptian belief system was used against Nubia (which came before them). It’s similar to how Christianity was used against Africans for power and control of resources.

Those in power write the story and control history. Whatever you choose, you can use it to grow mentally/spiritually as long as you use it right.

Good luck brother. Hopefully you can participate in Ramadan 2022. That’s when you’ll really feel the power of Islam.