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|||Kicks/Clothing FAQ's & Other Information|||

The Dress Code - Kicks / Clothing / Fashion
...Spend 5 minutes reading this and strengthen your shoe and clothing knowledge forever...It's your choice...and it's your own fault if you waste your money on variants/fakes.

An Online Shoe Site Sells Variants If...
Official Jordan Brand Website:
Official Nike Website:

...the prices on the site are too good to be true and/or all the shoes are being sold at the same price. (If you're too slow to realize that a pair of 100% authentic J's or Bape's will NEVER sell for $70 or $85, this thread is definitely for you. No offense but read up!)

...there are endless amounts of colorways offered on the site. ALL OFFICIAL colorways of Air Jordan's are listed on this site:
If they are not on, be a*sured that 99.99% of the time the site you're viewing will not be selling an "exclusive" authentic colorway (Authentic exclusives are usually PE's (Player Exclusives) only made and given to professional athletes and/or celebrities).

...the site has a Full Size Run (FSR) of all the shoes they are selling. FSR's for J's on any site is almost impossible! I'd say the only instances when you could see a FSR for J's is if an official GR Jordan is being released (with an official release date) and Eastbay/Finishline would have the shoes up for a few days or so until they sell out their stock.

...the site's Policy and/or Disclaimer page is suspect. These sites will try and use fancy adjectives and language to fool the online consumer into thinking their product is of good quality. Don't be fooled by these lies! Also, their Policy and/or Disclaimer sites will usually say something like "We are not affiliated with Nike, Jordan, etc." on it.


Please give credit to the person(s) or site that first came up with that information or pictures that you are posting about. Please enter this either at the beginning of your post or at the end of it. Give credit where credit is due!


Info taken from site name
Info taken from person
Pictures provided by person



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